❤ glitterzkittles

❤ glitterzkittles

"… could burst it if it was a bubble."

I think I am quiet most of the time. Staring and thinking… These words, my words. Like they’re getting frozen in my lungs. Sometimes, I believe my thoughts are deadly and there’s probably a quarantine surrounding my lungs.

People tend to ask me, “Why are you so quiet?”. Smiling, laughing, might as well add a little shrug in that.

I am quiet most of the time but my mind, it’s loud. My mind, I think it’s screaming.

Make that wish upon that star, I would share what I would wish for but this world is too cruel. I can’t see myself wishing anything for myself. There are millions out there, young and old, still dying of starvation in this age of time.

I do not know how to start for these words…

These words got frozen within my swollen lungs.